January 8th, 2009


The lesson here: Never pull anything’s tail. Just don’t. It’s a dumb thing to do.


  1. Tony

    Boy, I heard that! Tails are sensitive things!

  2. Corvidophile

    I had been forgetting to keep up with this for months now, just caught up. xD I think you forgot to colour her jaw yellow in the first panel, here. It’s coming along great so far, and zooming through it in a day like I just did, I can really see your linework getting better and better.

  3. Meggyc

    Tony - Yeah, and they shouldn’t be stepped on either!

    Corvi - Thank you! Especially for pointing out the coloring mistake! I have corrected that. I’m glad you think the line art has improved.

  4. Dutch

    Nice strip. I’ve just read through it from go to whoa. Nice, bold colour choices too.

  5. Meggyc

    Thank you very much for reading, Dutch. I’m glad you like the color choices.

  6. whitekatsu

    Yea, tails aren’t handles. o_O If I had a tail, I’d bite anyone that pulled on it too. XD; I can only imagine how sensitive they must be.

  7. bluesub6

    Wait doesn’t this mean he’ll change? Or was that a one time thing only?

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