Eat And Run
December 11th, 2008

Eat And Run

I used this page to expermiment with the lighting of the food store. I realized a bit too late that the color of Harper’s skin was very close to the color of the store. This will probably mean I’ll need to go back and chage the colors of previous pages, but I’m really not done expermenting yet.


  1. Tony

    I love how excited Maggot is to see another person that can see her. Considering she hasn’t infected Harper with her bite! And then just leaves as if everything is cool, lol! And taking food no less! Manners Maggot, Manners!

  2. Meggyc

    Maggot is easily excited. To me, Maggot is like a little kid who goes over to her neighbors house uninvited and invites herself to take all the cookies. But I guess she would be excited. I suppose she’s lonely.

  3. whitekatsu

    I’ve never mentioned how much fun Maggot’s speach text is, have I? I love the ‘.’ in the ‘o’s, it just makes Maggot a lot of fun for some reason. XD

  4. Meggyc

    Thanks, WK! I don’t know what made me start dotting the “o”s for Maggot’s speech patterns, but I’ve been doing that since I created her, I think.

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