December 6th, 2008


One of these days, I should make up a dictionary of made up words like kampinq and frogoblims so everyone will know what I’m writing about.

At any rate, this is Harper.


  1. Tony

    Get em’ here, get em’ now, your own Novelty Frogobglasses! The only way to see those pesky Frogoblins in style! Our operators are standing by! Only $19.95! Call now and we will toss in a spare Frogoblin key chain free of charge! Limit 1 per household! Don’t wait, these babies sell like HotCakes! But wait there’s more, if you call within the next 10 minutes during only this 10 minute ad, we will toss large hoop earrings for you ladies out there! Wait, guys too! Were not biesed! So act today, because this is a short time garentee! Call 1-800-FRO-GOBL!

    …I’m sooooo sorry but I could not resist doing this when the Novelty Sunglasses came out in the last panel, lol! Hopefully you got a giggle out of this before you said, “Tony, sometimes I wonder about you!”

  2. Jammer Lea

    Okay, I reaaaaally like that first panel. Just had to let you know. :D

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