November 10th, 2008


I find that the interesting difference between Maggot and Jared is in the way they talk. Maggot is loud and loquacious when around others. Jared is reserved and when in groups, he tends to stay out of conversation. But when he’s alone, he talks to himself like in this strip and this strip. (Actually, I even mentioned it in the commentary from the latter page.) Maggot does not do this and I don’t really think of the other characters doing this often or at all. I try to avoid obnoxious exposition for no reason. In Jared’s case, I think its more deeply rooted than a simple, sell-out plot device. It’s as though when I created him, that “voice” just stayed and became a part of his character. It’s quite strange to explain to a non-writer/artist.

Anyway, I think that Maggot’s personality shines through when she isn’t talking. She’s quite adventurous, mischievous, and she really takes the world in more than Jared who is more of an introvert.


  1. Ronts

    Heck, some of my favorite literary and comic characters are the ones that don’t say a word. Sometimes, a quiet character at times is the best sort of character. Particularly when they’re cute and fun to look at in the first place. Gotta love the expressions.

  2. bluesub6

    Does this count as love-at-first-sight?

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