October 20th, 2008


I like to think I’ve gotten better with word balloons since I drew this page.

You’ll find out about Jenna much much later.


  1. CookieCooks

    ahahaha I’m really enjoying your comic! I went through all the pages again and it would bring up a chuckle here and here. It’s a joy. The “no to football” sweater got me though.
    Keep it up!

  2. Meggyc

    Thanks, Cooks. I’m glad you’re enjoying the comic! I must say, it was lots of fun to design that hoodie.

  3. Shazzbaa

    The third panel is made of win. XD I laughed so much I had to explain myself to my mom. ^^;

  4. Meggyc

    XD Thanks, Shazzbaa. It was so much fun to write this page.

  5. Jenna

    Wow. Webcomic character has my name? :o
    Now I have to keep reading and see whether this Jenna is good or bad. ;P

  6. Meggyc

    Admittedly, it may be a while until Jenna comes up again, but in the next few months, hopefully she will make an appearance.

    I hope she’s good enough to live up to your namesake. XD

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