Grocery Shopping
October 11th, 2008

Grocery Shopping

Just say no to football.


  1. Tony

    I do say no to football, all sports in general to be exact! lol! I love the different kinds of cereal! I want the “You Really Don’t Want This” Cereal! HAHAHAHA! Because I want want I can’t have!

  2. Meggyc

    At least that cereal is honest. Heheh,

  3. WhiteKatsu

    I like the Line cereal, that made me snicker.

    I love how you did the cashier so she was faded and not drawing away from Maggot and Jared, yet still there doing her job… which is apparently not fun. XD

    And if it weren’t for the fact that my Aunt works at a university who’s trumping serious butt in football, I WOULD SO GET JARED’S SHIRT.

  4. Meggyc

    Thanks, WK! I was worried about finding the balance with the coloring and elements fading into the background for this page. I’m glad you think that the cashier doesn’t pop forward so much.

  5. Sydney

    I see Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice cereal! …. (grabbing season one of PowerPuff Girls off movie shelf because of sudden urge to watch it)

  6. Emma

    “You really don’t want to eat this”
    I think I’ve had that cereal before

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