Monday — November 17th, 2014


UPDATE 2: I have made progress since my last update, but there’s one panel that’s giving me trouble, but I’m working on it as I type this. I know I said the next page would be up this week, but if that doesn’t happen, I promise the next page be up next Monday, December 1.

UPDATE (11/19): I’m sorry this didn’t show up on Monday. I don’t know why this post went unpublished. As a further update, I have made progress in drawing the next page, but I am still trying to collect my thoughts, which have probably moved to a warmer climate at this point in time.

I am working on the next page, but I wasn’t able to get very far with it this weekend. With a Thanksgiving break coming up, I hope to have more time to devote to drawing, but I also don’t want to rush with the writing either. Writing hasn’t come naturally for me lately, and while I am working through it, it’s easy to make mistakes. And I don’t want to let that happen.

If the next comic isn’t up this week, I should have it up next week.

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